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S1 E01


For over a century, I have lived in secret. Hiding in the shadows, alone in the world. Until now, I'm a vampire. And this is my story.

1、There is no signal. 这里没有信号


I shouldn't come home. I know the risk. But i had no choice ,I have to know her.

3、I'll start fresh. Be someone new. 我要重新开始,做不同的自己

4、I predict this year is going to be kick ass. 我预言今年是不得了的一年

5、uh, pardon me. 对不起【口语】

6、It's a long story. 说来话长

7、I made through a day. 我熬过了一天

8、tactless 无礼


Stefan: I lost control today. Everything I've kept buried inside came rusing to the surface. I'm simply not able to resist her.

10、hook up with sb. 勾引某人

11、 keep it down. 小声点

12、keep a journal. 记日记

13、you can't change what you are. 本性难移

14、He has that romance novel stare. 眼神深邃

15、怎么了:what's the hell?

what happened?

16、Damon: she took my breath away. 她把我的魂都吸引住了

17、A is dead ringer for B. A和B长得一模一样

18、That's given. 这是宿命安排

S1 E02

1、you’re feisty today. 你今天很活跃啊

2、The last thing that I want to do is hurt u. 我最不想做的就是伤害你

3、grab a coffee 拿一杯咖啡

4、I’m sorry for barging in. 很抱歉擅自闯入

5、Stefan is not one to brag. Stefan是个不爱讲的人

6、I see why my brother is so smitten. 我明白为什么我弟弟会这么着迷了

7、He didn’t want u to think he was on the rebound. 不想你知道他在感情空窗期

8、Every relationship is doomed to end. 每段感情都注定会完蛋

9、Don’t be silly. 别傻了

10、He wasn’t always such a looker. 他可不是一直都这么帅~

11、She’s got spunk. 她快怒了

12、Quit ditching classes or you’re grounded. 不要在逃课了否则就禁足

13、At least I put myself out there. 至少我努力争取了

14、Here. Knock yourself out, literally. 给你,随意吃

15、Like you care. 别假惺惺了

16、harbinger of evil 邪恶的预告

17、I vote for none of the above. 我一个都不选

18、What r u up to? 你想干什么?

19、She’s big on texting. 她喜欢发短信

20、she kind of wigs out. 她太激动了


Elena’s diary: Dear diary: Today I convinced myself it was

OK to give up. Don’t take risks. Stick with the status quo. No drama. Now is

just not the time. But my reasons aren’t reasons. They’re excuses. All I’m

doing is hiding from the truth. And the truth is that I’m scared, Stefan. I’m

scared if I let myself be happy for even one moment that the world’s just going

to come crashing down, and I don’t know if I can survive that. Stefan:

I met a girl. We talked and it was epic. But the sun came up and reality set

in. Well, this is reality. Right here.

S1 E03

1、This could have gone a completely different way. 本来不需要这样

2、Why the about-face? 为什么变卦?

3、Spit it out 快说

4、Screw u 去你的

5、I’m a loner. 我不合群

6、I can’t be sad girl forever. 我不能永远消沉

7、Blue Lady! 注意!

8、Let’s huddle up! 都聚过来!

9、Simmer down. 别激动

10、 I wonder who that could be. 我想知道是谁

11、 Tyler must be sealing. Tyler一定气疯了~

12、 Nice deduced. 猜得真准!

13、 There must be a shred of humanity left inside my brother.

14、 A really serious no-joke response. 好好回答

15、 You’re bully! 你是恶棍!

16、 That’s what matters. 这才是最重要的!

S1 E04

1、dick move 让开

2、scrum bucket/scum ball 饭桶

3、---How do you look in a suit?

---I can pull one off.

4、The pleasure is all mine. 是我非常荣幸

5、A has a lot of issues with B. A与B之间有很多矛盾

6、What you gonna buy me? 你拿什么来讨好我?

7、I’m sick with it. 我厌倦了

8、You’re in no position to question me. 你没资格提问我

9、I drive u drink. 我竟然让你喝酒了

10、 Don’t even play that card. 别和我耍花样

11、 You can’t roofie me. 你不能给我下药

12、 You cracked a funny. 你也会搞笑

13、 You look smashing! 你真美!

14、 He is on good behavior. 他很绅士

15、 I wasn’t counting on it(代指vervain). 我没指望它

16、 I got all snotty. 我真讨厌

17、 My radar must be off. 我脑子已经不听使唤了

18、 Trust is earned. 信任是要靠挣得

S1 E05

1、I’m almost done.

It’s OK. Take ur time.

2、Be somewhere right now. 马上闪到别的地方去

3、If you wanna kill some time, we can rack. 如果你想消磨时间,我打局球吧

I’ll let u break. 我让你开球

4、Family only runs so deep. 一家人果然感情深厚啊!

5、I’m shutting down. 我快不行了

6、I got held up. 我被耽搁了

7、You haven’t aged a day. 你身上一点岁月的痕迹都没有

8、I did something that I’m not proud of. 我当时耍了阴招

9、I’m no longer crippled by her loss. 不再因为她而裹足不前

10、I’m an avid reader. 我是书虫

11、The lies will catch up to u. 谎言会让你作茧自缚

12、None of that tortured pining stuff. 别弄得跟个多情怨妇似的

13、Doesn’t ring a bell. 没响铃呢///引申为:想不起来了

14、She abandoned me. 她放我鸽子

15、I’m not a believer. 我不是个信徒

S1 E06


Everything you know and every belief that you have is about to change. 你所知道何所相信的一切都要改变了

2、You almost got me. 你差点就骗了我

3、It’s not too big a stretch. 这只是点到为止

4、She wasn’t just any girl. 她不是一般的女孩儿

5、A is so over B. A被B深深迷住了

6、What’s she on? 她怎么了?

7、She’s really messed up. 她疯了

8、I’m gonna go out on a lime here and guess. 我大胆的猜一下

9、We can cut to the chase if you want. 如果你愿意,我们就开门见山吧

10、Tip for later 最后忠告

S1 E07

1、You don’t talk. 你没资格说话

2、I need some time to figure things out. 我需要时间弄清楚一些事

3、It’s wrong to pray on innocent people. 以无辜人为食是不对的

4、He walks on a moral plane way out of our eye line. 咱们都不如他高尚

5、Count Deepak 又开始说教了

6、Knock yourself out. 自己找吧


E: How can u be so arrogant and glib after everything that you’ve done?

D: And how can u be so brave and stupid to call a vampire arrogant and glib?

E: If u wanted me dead, I’d be dead.

D: Yes, you would.

E: But I’m not.

D: Yet.

8、Let’s get one thing straight. 要搞清楚

9、She’s on edge. 她太烦躁了

10、You’re flirting with me. 你在跟我调情

11、She totally bailed on me. 她把我扔下了

12、Why does everybody have to die on me? 为什么大家都要在我面前死去?

13、I can’t lose the way I feel about u. 我无法放下对你的感觉

S1 E08

1、How could u even ask that? 亏你问得出口?

2、I’m headed to NY for the weekend. 我这周末要奔向纽约

3、It’ll be a blast. 肯定很精彩

4、speaking of…说到这儿。。。

5、very sketchy 恍恍惚惚

6、What an unexpected surprise! 真是个意外惊喜!

7、Do me! 拜托了~

8、You’re wallowing. 你无精打采的

9、You up? 你醒了吗?

10、I’ll officially wored. 我已经精疲力尽了

11、He’s my supplier 这(血)是他给的

12、I’m just jealous of your restraint. 我只是佩服你的控制力

13、We need to blend. 我们需要融入他们

14、Are u out of ur freaking mind? 你是不是疯了?

15、Lexi’s dragging me. Lexi非拉我去~

16、I can’t count on neither of them. 我对她俩都无奈

17、Alert the media. 善意提示

18、The rest comes with time. 其他是时间问题

19、Love really did conquer all. 爱战胜了一切

20、Cut the crap. 废话少说

21、We’re even. 我们扯平了~

S1 E09

1、Be the bigger person. 做个更宽容的人

Impossible in her presence. 她(Bonnie)的表现不行

2、It’s matter of principal. 这是原则问题

3、It’s mouthful. 有点拗口

4、Rise and sunshine, sleepyhead. 起床啦,小懒虫

5、It’s just an opus to u. 你可是里面的头号人物

6、Little garish. 有点俗

7、It reeks of awkward subtext. 就好像你在敷衍我

8、Trying to read something into it? 还胡思乱想?


吸血鬼日记第二季12篇二:吸血鬼日记 第二季 歌曲(1~9)


Gemma Hayes “Out of Our Hands”

Piano Tribute Players “How To Save A Life”

Piano Tribute Players “Breakeven (Falling to Pieces)”

Hurts “Wonderful Life”

Mads Langer “The River Has Run Wild” Unavailable

One Republic featuring Sara Bareilles “Come Home”


1. "Animal" by Neon Trees.Elena 和 Bonnie讨论Katherine

2. "Geraldine" by Glasvegas.Elena和 Bonnie准备嘉年华

3. "Currency Of Love" by Silversun Pickups.Damon 和Stefan 观察 Tyler 和 Mason的腕力比赛

4. "The Ladder" by Andrew Belle .Caroline 在嘉年华与Matt 相遇

5. "All This Time" by OneRepublic.片尾曲


1. Meiko "Under My Bed"Matt 去 Caroline家,但是caroline不能见光

2. Lifehouse "In Your Skin"Stefan 尝试劝服bonnie帮caroline做个戒指..

3. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour "Fantasy Friend Forever"

4. The Duke Spirit "Send A Little Love Token"

5. Stars "Changes"Caroline 向matt道歉

6. A Fine Frenzy "Ashes And Wine"matt与Caroline分手..


1. Haydn "Quartet For Strings In C Major, Emperor"

2. Collide "Rock On"

3. Ballas Hough Band "Together Faraway"

4. Howls "Hammock"

5. Goldfrapp "We Radiate"

6. Tyrone Wells "Time Of Our Lives"

7. Sara Bareilles "Breathe Again"


1. The Fellowship - Smashing Pumpkins

2. Counting Sleep -Trent Dabbs ( Elena告诉 Jeremy Tyler 是狼人)

3. Superhuman Touch – Athlete(Stephan 和Mason讲和)

4. Sometimes - The Rifles(Tyler邀请 Jeremy 和两女孩去他家high)

5. Cool Kids - Fast Romantics.

6. Punching In A Dream - The Naked and Famous.(Elena 和 Stefan 假装吵架)

7. Obsession - Sky Ferreira.

8 Steady Love - Title Tracks.

9. Yeah Yeah Yeah - New Politics.(Tyler 向女孩抢回月光石)

10.Colors - Pass. (女孩装死)

11.I Need To Know - Kris Allen.片尾曲


1. This Love -The Script

2. Tighten Up -The Black Keys

3. Science Of Fear - The Temper Trap

4. Wires - Athlete (片尾曲)


1. Love My Way - Cruel Black Dove

2. On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz

3. Head Over Heals - Digital Daggers

4. Under The Stars - Morning Parade

5. People Change - Joel & Luke

6. Fire In Your New Shoes - Kaskade Feat. Dragonette

7. Brave - Tawgs Salter


1. We Rule The World - Dragonette.(Caroline 告诉Damon 关于Sarah的死 和Tyler的情况)

2. Wolf Like Me - Tv On The Radio.(Tyler指责Caroline撒谎)

3. Blood - Editors. (Stefan和Damon 开车寻找Elena.)

4. In My Veins - Andrew Belle ft Erin McCarley.(Bonnie告诉Jeremy 她每施法一次..自己就会变得虚弱)

5. Love Song - Cruel Black Dove .(Damon和Stefan 讨论去Eden的路上要不要喝点血.)

6.Ocean Wide - Afters. (Elena回到了家.)

7. I Was Wrong - Sleeperstar.(片尾曲)


1. Atomic Tom - You Always Get What You Want

2. David Gray - A Moment Changes Everything

3. Pete Yorn - Precious Stone

4. Matt Duncan - Puritan Heart

5. Free Energy - Light Love

6. The Pass - Trap of Mirrors

7. Ben Harper - Amen Omen(片尾)


1.I don't deserve you ,but my bother does.


2.I will always choose you.


3.I don't mind being the bad guy;I'll make all the life and death decisions,while you're busy worrying about colla(转 载 于:www.cablewaterski.cn 蒲 公英文 摘:吸血鬼日记第二季12)teral damage.I'll even let her hate me for it. But at the end of the day, I'll be the one to keep her alive.


4.I promise you, I will never leave you again.


5.Two is company,three is party。


6.No matter where you go ,I will be there to pull you back;Cause right now ,you are all I got.

无论你走多远,我都会在这里拉你回来; 因为现在,我只有你了。

7.Because when people see good,they expect good.And I don't want to have to live up to anyone's .


1.For over a century,I have lived in secret. Hiding in the shadows. Alone in the world.


2.I know the risk, but I have no choice,I have to know her.


3.I met a girl.We talked,and it was epic. But then the sun came up and reality set in.Well,this is reality.Right here.


4.All I need in the world is my brother.


5.No matter what I go through to get her back,trying to fight against my blood lust and control of my life again.None of that matter if she has feelings for somebody else.


6.Nothing wrong in free will. You'll know untill you lose it.


7.If let myself care ,all I feel is pain.


1.No matter what I feel for you,I'll never un-feel for him.


2.I care about you ,whcih is why I choose to let you go.


3.I don't surprise you kiss me ,I surprise that you thought I will kiss you back. 我不意外你吻我,我只是意外你以为我会回吻你。

4.I like you now,just the way you are.


1.I was always one step head.


2.The only thing stronger than your craving for blood is the love for this one girl. 现在唯一比你嗜血欲望更强烈是是你对这个女孩的。

3 .What I want is to take my girl,t ake my hybrid,the hell out of this one pony town.


4.My whole life you’ve underestimated me,If you kill her ,you lose your leverage.


6.Gentleman,the worst thing for Elena Gilbert Is the two of you.


7. I fancy you.Is that hard to believe.




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