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英语短文日本篇一:为什么要选择日本 英语作文

If I could live in any other country, I will choose to live in Japan this country.

Because I took a elective course in basic Japanese this semester, So I have a certain understanding of Japan.

Japan is an island country and lies to the east of China., I hope I will be able to live in the capital of Japan – Tokyo.

Fuji is the most famous one of the mountains in Japan.If you go there in spring,you are sure to see the beautiful flowers-cherry blossom.And of course you'll go to visit the Disneyland in Tokyo.

As we all know,Japan is an advanced country.You must have seen many cars,cameras,TV or cellphones made in Japan. Many famous brands such as Nikon, Canon, SONY, and so on.In the recent years,about 500 thousand Chinese have moved to Japan.

I am very much looking forward to the Japanese food, such as sushi, raw fish, mustard, and so on. Japan's traditional architecture is also very beautiful, I like the city of Nara, because with my favorite animals,Nara deer, as well as beautiful Japanese garden.

Live in Japan, Japan's transportation is very developed. people dedicated, polite, pay attention to employee benefits, pay attention to the environment and food safety. I am very interested in Japan, so I would like to live in Japan.


How China's Richest Man Succeeds


Outside of Internet success stories such as Alibaba’s Jack Ma or Baidu’s Robin Li, China has few if any widely internationally known business leaders. Dalian Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin is relatively unknown even though Forbes estimated last month that he had surpassed beverage tycoon Zong Qinghou to become the country’s richest man with a fortune worth $14 billion. I exchanged this week with Ming-Jer Chen, a management and China expert at the University of Virginia, about what’s behind Wang’s business success. Excerpts follow.


Q. Chairman Wang has built up one of the world’s largest real estate

businesses, becoming China’s wealthiest businessman. What accounts for his success?


A. To reach the global scale that Wanda has achieved requires, at the highest level, a combination of culture, strategy, and execution over a sustainable period of time. It took Wang Jianlin took him two decades to build the company into a global enterprise.


From a cultural point of view, he has the right values and long-term vision to attract the right team for sustainable success. Wanda’s corporate culture has three key components: a comprehensive organizational structure that allows it to scale up globally; in-depth corporate cultural content; and very rich corporate cultural activities. Its corporate slogan is “International Wanda, Century Enterprise.” Its core value emphasizes “society value” over

“enterprise value” or personal value.


In other words, Mr. Wang rooted the company in Confucian values, which are lacking in Western society and business. In so doing, he is trying to balance the needs of different stakeholders in his business.


Strategically, Mr. Wang transformed his business model from residential real estate development to commercial development in shopping malls and hotels, movie theaters and department stores, and from there to exporting Chinese culture and tourism globally, starting in 2012. This type of transformation requires deep strategic vision and considerable ambition as well as long-term strategic planning, of course. Geographically, he expanded from the small city market of Dalian (25% market share) to Guangzhou Province and throughout China. After succeeding in China, he is now expanding Wanda into the U.S. and Europe. In September 2012, Mr. Wang acquired the American firm AMC

for US$2.6 billion. In June 2013, he announced two investments in the UK totaling 1 billion pounds.

从战略方面看,王健林转变了万达的商业模式,从开发住宅房地产转为开发商业房地产,如 购物中心和酒店、电影院和百货公司。从2012年起,他还走出国门,将中国的文化与旅游业输送到世界各地。这类转型需要深入的战略观和极大的雄心,当然也要有长期的战略规划。从地域方面看,王健林冲出了大连这个小城市的市场(占当地市场份额的25%),南下杀向广东,并在全国铺开战场。征战中国赢得胜利之后,他正在将万达的触角伸向欧美。2012年9月,王健林以26亿美元收购了美国影院公司AMC。2013年6月,他宣布在英国进行了两项投资,规模合计10亿英镑。

Strategically, then, he first built home-town advantages and expanded only after being successful in the local market. (To go from) a 500, 000 yuan loan as registered capital in 1992 to 300 billion yuan in assets in 2012 is

remarkable by any standard.


From an execution point of view, Mr. Wang leverages his military training and discipline to participate personally in all key projects. He attracts very good talent, trains personnel, and holds them accountable for project execution. Employee compensation is commensurate to other Fortune 500 companies globally, which of course is very generous given that China’s GDP per capita is about 20% of its US counterpart. Retirement benefits for employees is the total compensation of the last five years before retiring.


This means that if an employee is earning $100, 000 a year before retiring, he or she will receive a $500, 000 retirement benefit.


Therefore, Mr. Wang is able to combine culture, strategy, and execution into action plans because employees are motivated to work for the company for the benefit of society, the company, Mr. Wang, and themselves. It is a win-win strategy for all.

因此,王健林得以将文化、战略与执行转化为行动方案,因为员工有动力为公司工作,为社会、企业、王健林本人和他们自己谋福利。这是利在各方的多赢战略。 Q. In what ways does Chairman Wang in your mind stand out from other Chinese private-sector executives?


A. It’s this complete integration of culture-strategy-execution under one roof that sets Mr. Wang apart and has led to his and Wanda’s success. Some of the employees are good at one or two pieces but he excels at all three. And that is why he is one of the wealthiest people in China and in fact in the world. Though he is perhaps not as well-known globally as other Chinese business leaders, such as Zhang Ruimin of Haier, this may change soon. Q. What are some of the challenges and risks that mainland companies who have been

successful at home face when they try to expand overseas, as Wanda is now doing?



A. The key challenges for China companies expanding overseas are: talent, brand, politics, culture, and funding. U.S. multinational corporations have over 70-80 years of experience in going global. The most successful Chinese companies, like Lenovo, have fewer than 10 years’ experience in global

expansion, and Wanda has all of two years of experience. These companies are going to make mistakes along the way. It’s part of the learning curve and “tuition” that everyone must pay to get into the “Global Club” of MNCs.


Q. When you look at Chinese investment in the U.S. to date, including

Wanda’s in the movie business, how does it differ from Japan’s in an earlier era? Are the Chinese smarter at it?


A. On the surface, they are very similar but if you look under the cover, there are stark differences between the Chinese in 2013 and Japanese in 1980s.


要求如下:一场恐怖的地震发生在日本,所产生的高达十米海啸(enormous of ten meter higth)冲掉(wash away)了日本所有的东北沿海地区(coast area N.E part ofcountry),不过最糟糕的(what’s worse )是核泄漏(nuclear power station explosion)。但是各个国家已派出很多救援队(many rescue)帮助日本,只是日本人民仍处于痛苦(misery)中,因为在地震中有很多逝去的生命。


enormous tsunamis (operations higth) rushs (wash away) Japan all the northeast coast area N.E coastal regions (ofcountry), but again the worst (worse) is sorry 's nuclear power now nuclear leak (explosion). But each

country has sent many rescue teams (rescue) helped Japan, many people still is a Japanese on pain of misery), because (in earthquake has lots of lost life

the earthquake let us, this earthquake looming is terrific, the entire honshu island ulterly changed, earthquake that triggered the big fire entire towns, and because the main honshu island is the coastal regions, so because the quake triggered a tsunami, the tsunami have been rushed to the imperial county, and it took the whole Japan's floor is main honshu island say all the boundless,

became engulfed by the sea, today, because tsunami caused a whirlpool, then, take everything contributed in. Can say is really powerful.

In the earthquake, many people have lost family and friends, some people even themselves are dead, they how poor! Natural disasters are ruthless, according to expert introduction, the Japanese earthquake destructive more than 20 wenchuan earthquake damage. The earthquake has the highest an earthquake, series is really powerful! They know how pain, lose his family is a thing, as we live in the same earth, should also help them.

The earthquake actually is also a warning, it reminds us, to protect the

environment, not to do a great deal of extraction, this can lead to underground energy strong earthquake if coastal areas, also take care not to put the rubbish into the sea, that will also pollute the environment.

Let us environmental protection! Let our earth more beautiful, more beautiful! 意思:昨天,在日本本州岛发生了8.8级的强烈大地震,这次的地震让我们触目惊心,这次的地震是非常厉害的,整个本州岛面目全非,地震引发的大火烧了整个城镇,并且由于本州岛是沿海地区,所以因为地震还引发了海啸,这次的海啸一直冲到宫廷县德楼,把整个日本本州岛可以说是全部吞没,变成了茫茫的海洋,





3.I heard the earthquake in Japan was very sorry the news, Japan is our neighbor, after all, Japan has been with us the history of Chinese origin has contacts, the earthquake brought to Japan is not a small loss, but also nuclear leakage of the serious problems of this world, in the previous earthquake, the Japanese gave in a good attitude, this time we can not turn a blind eye in China, the Chinese since ancient times is the ceremonies, helping others is our good habits, so We not only physical but also on helping them to help them spiritually, let us wish the early resumption of the Japanese people always calm, peace will be spent nuclear leak.

about the bad news. Why there were so many disasters in the world? I looked up some files about the top fourteen worst earthquakes in the past one hundred years from internet. And some earthquakes even came with tsunamis. It was said that 300 thousands of people died in 2004 as a result of the earthquake and tsunami happened in Indonesia. And 242 thousands of citizens died in Tangshan Earthquake in 1976 in China. Also in 2008, another big earthquake happened in China, and more than 7 thousands passed away.

How awful it is when we talk about these figures.

Everyone should cherish what we have now.

I felt scary when I watched 2012.

But the disasters happened are more fearful.

Dalian is not far away from Japan, my colleague told me that she would be too panic to go to bed tonight. It is funny.

I did not worry about that. No one can expect what will happen in the next minute. Just enjoy every minute in our life.

It is enough~

buildings, inundated coastal communities, wrecked roadways and potentially unstable nuclear power plants. But it barely made a dent in the implacably Japanese trait of exhibiting concern for others even in the worst of


The Japanese language is full of ritual apologies, uttered so often as to become almost meaningless: I am about to make a nuisance of myself —

please excuse me! Some of this is a matter of mere formality. But at a time of crisis, such politesse can be the glue that holds the country together.

Even though Friday's magnitude 8.9 quake was shocking and

discombobulating, few would imagine burdening a stranger with their anxieties. 核爆炸nuclear explosion; nuclear detonation

爆炸1.to explode; to blow up; to go off; to burst; to detonate

2. an explosion; a blast; a burst; an outburst; a detonation

1. nuclear radiation 核辐射

While the affected areas in Japan brace for more aftershocks, the country is also being afflicted by another earthquake-engendered crisis - nuclear radiation.

A meltdown was feared at its Fukushima nuclear plant after it was rocked by the quake.日本强震受灾地区不仅面临更多余震,而且还面临着另一个震后危机——核辐射。人们担心福岛核电站在地震后会发生严重核泄漏事故。

2. nuclear leakage 核泄漏

Xu Mi, a renowned fast reactor expert at China National Nuclear Corporation and China Institute of Atomic Energy, told Xinhua that "Japan's nuclear leakage would not affect China," but it is still necessary to watch for developments.国家核能集团和中国原子能研究的知名快中子反应堆专家徐銤告诉新华社“日本的核泄漏不会影响到中国”,但是仍有必要关注事态的发展。文中出现的“nuclear leakage”就是“核泄漏”的意思,“leakage”可以表示液体或者气体的(来自:www.cablewaterski.cn 蒲公 英文 摘:英语短文日本)泄露,还可以指秘密等的泄露,如:“leakages of confidential information”指“机密信息的泄露”。

3. meltdown 融毁法新社消息称,13日,日本政府表示,该国福岛核电站的两个反应堆可能已经出现“熔毁”现象。此前日本广播协会介绍说,“核心熔毁”(meltdown)是指核反应堆失去冷却水后,燃料中放射性物质产生的热量无法去除,高温会令燃料棒熔化,这是核电事故中最严重的事态。

An official with Japan's nuclear safety commission Ryohei Shiomi said Saturday that officials were checking whether a meltdown had taken place at the Fukushima power plant.日本的核安全机构发言人Ryohei Shiomi在周六表示,日本官方正在对位于福岛的核电厂进行检测,看刊其核融毁是否已经发生。

meltdown 可以用来指核电站的核融毁,但是这种用法通常是在很专业的领域出现,我们通常见到的“meltdown”可以表示融化的意思,融毁也是从这个意思引申出来的。另外“meltdown”还经常被用来表达“灾难”的意思。

World leaders gather tomorrow to address the global financial meltdown.全球领导人上周六聚集在一起,讨论如何解决全球金融灾难。

4. nuclear power plant 核电站

plant除了植物、和种植这两种我们常见的意思之外,还可以表达工厂、车间的意思。 An official with Japan's nuclear safety commission says that a meltdown at a nuclear power plant affected by the country's massive earthquake is possible.日本核安全委员会的一位官员称受到此次强震的影响,而导致核电站出现融毁是非常可能的。

5. nuclear reactor 核反应堆

Meltdown is a term that describes the melting of a nuclear reactor core as a result of a nuclear accident.融毁坏是用来形容核反应堆中心过热出现融化,而产生的核事故。


Harmony with the environment is that we live in on Earth, who is a natural son, and not only to natural persons as the conqueror, as we all know, there is only one earth and the mountains on Earth, the animals. Plant human cells, if it damaged, destroyed nature organizations, to the eradication of mankind. Therefore, the environment must be linked with social ethics, character

education and practice acts as an important element of it. Everyone must fulfil its responsibilities and obligations to protect the environment.

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