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Do you know the meaning of “love”? Maybe after you read over this story, you will get an understanding on it.

Last winter vacation, my mother took me to visit one of her colleagues, a middle-aged man, who gave his wife his kidney to extend her life. When we get their home, they are very enthusiastic. But because of the kidney transplant surgery, the husband can`t do exercise so much within a period of time.

The wife was very happy to talk about her husband, she said with a smile on her face “Before the operation my husband accompanied me togo to hospital to get the kidney dialysis every week. As you know, dialysis made me more than sick and it took lots of money, causing my husband`s burden heavier. Without complaint, my husband gave me all support and always was there with me. The doctor told us if we can find a kidney for me to exchange, everything would be bitter. However, it`s very difficult to find a suitable kidney. So my husband decided to let himself have a try. Miracle happened, his kidney is suitable for me. And then the operation was taken in Huaxi hospital, the doctor told me that there were just a few cases in our country in which a husband was willing to give his kidney to his wife and made it. ”After finished the story, I noticed that her eyes were full of tears.

If you are careful enough, you will find many stories about “love”.

What`s love? A six-old girl said as fellow “Love is when you're missing some of your teeth, but you're not afraid to smile .Because you know your friends will still love you even though some of you is missing.”

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love英语短文篇二:英语美文:True Love

An ancient Hebraic text says: "love is as strong as death". It seems that not

everyone experiences this kind of strong love. The increasing probably, crime and war tells us that the world is in indispensable1 need of true love. But what is true love?

Love is something we all need. But how do we know when we experience it?

True love is best seen as the promotion2 and action, not an emotion. Love is not exclusively based how we feel. Certainly our emotions are involved. But they cannot be our only criteria3 for love. True love is when you care enough about another person that you will lay down your life for them. When this happens, then love truly is as strong as death. How many of you have a mother, or father, husband or wife, son or daughter or friend who would sacrifice his or her own life on yours? Those of you who truly love your spells but unchild(来自 长安文学网:love英语短文)ren, would unselfishly lay your life on the line to save them from death? Many people in an emergency room with their loved ones and prayed "please, God, take me instead of them". Find true love and be a true lover as well. May you find a love which is not only strong as death, but to leave to a truly for feeling life.

1 indispensable



He is indispensable to our work,we cannot do it without him.对于我们的工作来说,他是不可缺少的,没有他我们就做不了。

This is an indispensable part of his creed.这是他的信条中必不可少的一部分。 2 promotion



The teacher conferred with the principal about Dick's promotion.教师与校长商谈了迪克的升级问题。

The clerk was given a promotion and an increase in salary.那个职员升了级,加了薪。 3 criteria



The main criterion is value for money.主要的标准是钱要用得划算。

There are strict criteria for inclusion in the competition.参赛的标准很严格。


love英语短文篇三:英语作文-i love reading

I love reading

Reading has become a part of my life since I was a little child.So far it still plays an important role in my life.

I always believe thatreading is of great benefit to me.It can not only broaden my horizons but also eich my knowledge.Thanks to the

reading,Ihave the opportunity to learn all aspects of things. I can read the knowledge about biography, science, technology, culture, economic and so on from the book.

Besides,reading is a good way to relax especially when i need a break. When I am tired, those elegant sentence or the beautiful things described in the book often make the troubles out of my mindand letme feel

comfortable.Generally speaking,reading is irreplaceable in my life and I love it very much.

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