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myfriend英语短文篇一:高中英语 谢谢你,朋友-ThankYou,MyFriend作文素材


Thank You, My Friend I have a good friend. He is a handsome boy and his eyes shine with wisdom①. I have known him since Senior One. We are both interested in English. Once both of us entered for an English contest②. How eagerly I expected to get a prize! On hearing that I had failed in the contest, I could hardly hold back my tears. “What a pity!” I murmured to myself over and over again. I felt that the world had become cold and everyone seemed to be laughing at me. I love English and have gone all out to study it since my first day in the junior middle school. I have even dreamed of entering a foreign language institute. So I felt very sad. Just at this time, I received a short letter in English, saying, “Failure is the mother of success. Cheer up! Don't lose confidence③. Keep on your study and you will succeed!” I knew it was from the good friend of mine.

These words encouraged me greatly. I forgot all my sadness. From then on, I studied English even harder. In the next English contest, I got the first prize. Of course, he was delighted with my success.

I am very lucky to have such a good friend. I'm thankful to him for his help.


A larger and larger part of society is expressing its concern about environmental protection. Active in their concern, teachers and students hold specific meetings to discuss environmental protection. Also, city planners take environmental problems into seriousconsideration. And, though reducing pollution can be expensive, factories often take every possible measure to do their part. Many people are concerned and active because air and water pollution affects everyone and makes it difficult for cities to survive and businesses to make a profit.


Many people place so much emphasis on success that they think any failure is bad. Failure is never pleasant because it hurts people. But in fact it can make positive contribution to our life once we learn how to make the best of it. We can learn from a disastrous party how to give a good one. And we can

learn from an ill-chosen first house what to look for in a second. Even a total failure can give us fresh ideas or a change of direction. Repeated failures lead to success and prove to be beneficial to us as we experiment every day to find out the right way of doing things.


Parents have to save a large amount of money for their children to study abroad. Apart from the international flight, they have to pay for their daily expense, such as food, shelter, entertainment, long-distance telephone calls, and clothing. In addition, the children should have some money ready to cover unexpected expenses.


My hometown and my college town have several things in common. First, my hometown is a small town. It has a population of only about 10,000 people. Located in a rural area, it is surrounded by many acres of farmland which are devoted mainly to growing corn and soybeans. As for my college town, it is small too. Having a population of about 11,000

local residents, it lies in the center of farmland which is used to raise hogs and cattle. Therefore living in my college town makes me feel at home. I enjoy it. 第七单元

My friend Jack has become a workaholic. He has too strong a desire to prove himself. According to him, good enough is never good enough. While others want only to finish a few things, he aims to do everything by himself. Also, he is unwilling to spend time with his family, playing with the dog, or going fishing. He would feel guilty if he did so, because he believes that all his time should be spent working. He even wishes that he could have a day of 26 hours or even more. He has become a workaholic whether he likes it or not.


There has been a sad tendency among youngsters in valuing material things more and more. For college students, the most popular subjects that they prefer to choose are accounting, computer programming, business, etc. When they graduate from colleges, the jobs they prefer to choose are sales

representative, advertisement designing, international business, etc. Fewer and fewer people are choosing teaching or social services as their life career. 第十单元

London would not surrender. All the people of London were in the front lines. They put out endless fires from the heavy bombing. They dug quickly in cellars to rescue their friends who had been buried underneath the wreckage. London people prepared to fight on with every possible means until the last Englishman died or the invaders were driven off.














标号涂黑。例:A computer can only do __ you have instructed it to do.

A. howB. afterC. whatD. when

答案是 C。

I. A smile costs ____ . but gives much.

A. anything B. something

C. nothingD. everything

2. -- Why not stay here a little longer?

-- ____. but I really have to go.

A. Never mind B. I'd love to

C. Pleased to meet youD. I can't find any reason

3. I've ordered some pizza, so we ____ worry about cooking when we get home tired.

A. can't B. dare not

C, needn't D. may not

4. You'd better write down her phone number before you ____ it.

A. forget B. are forgetting

c. forgotD. will forget

5. The producer comes regularly to collect the cameras_____ to our shop for quality problems.

A. returning B. returned

C. to return D. to be returned

6. I can't tell you __ way to the Wilson's because we don't have ___ Wilson here in the village.

A. the; a B. a; /

C. a: the D. the; /

7. She drove so fast at the turn that the car almost went ____ the road.

A. on B. along

C. from,D. off

8. James has just arrived, but I didn't know he ____ until yesterday.

A. will come 8. was coming

C. had come D. came

9. We'll reach the sales targets in a month _____we set at the beginning of the year.

A. which B. where

C. whenD. what

10. -- I spent two weeks in London last summer.

-- Then you must have visited the British Museum during your stay, ____ you?

A. mustn't B. haven't

C. didn't D. hadn't

11. Group activities will be organized after class __ children develop team spirit.

A. helpingB, having helped

C. helped D. to help

12. -- Is it true that Mike refused an offer from Yale University yesterday?

-- Yeah, but I have no idea ____ he did it; that's one of his favorite universities.

A. when B, why

C. that D. haw

13. It was John who broke the window. Why are you talking to me as if I____it?

A. had done B. have done

C. did D. am doing

14. Half an hour later, Lucy still couldn't get a taxi __ the bus had dropped her.

A. until B. when

C. although D. where

15. -- Jack, I'd like to have your opinions about my written report.

-- ____ . But I have one suggestion.

A. That's a good ideaB. You are modest

C. it looks fine to me D. You should check it first



D)中, 选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该选项的标号涂黑。


Five months after my husband Steve died. I woke up one morning to the maddening sound of a leaking faucet ( 水龙头 ). I knew it needed repairs badly, but it16 me so much just to think of it.

All our17life. I was the "artist," bringing to our house much imagination. Steve was the " 18 " one. He had a real gift for handling chores (家务活).19me from unpleasant repair jobs.

But how could such a good man have his life cut short so suddenly ! I had been so sad and angry that I completely20the house. That leaky faucet somehow awakened me to the fact that

I now had to 21the challenge of getting things fixed.

I got a workman named Ahmed. Entering the house, he stopped before a picture of Steve and me. "Doesn't your husband 22this kind of work?" he asked. "It's not hard."

"He died months ago. When he was alive, he did all the repair jobs 23 ," I said quietly. Ahmed looked at me 24 . but didn't reply. He fixed the faucet, adjusted the dishwasher

door, and replaced a showerhead. Apparently he was gifted as Steve had been.

He did a(n)25 job. I asked him to name his fee. "No charge, Ma'am." he said. "My father died early, and the neighbors helped my family through."

By fixing a faucet, Ahmed mended my soul. Although I would sure carry the pain of 26 with me along, Ahmed reminded me of the abundant 27in the world.

16. A. hurt B. puzzled C. cost D. disappointed

17. A. separate B. sharedC. spiritual D. social

18. A. activeB. baring C. careless D. practical

19. A. attracting B. shelteringC. driving D. prohibiting

20. A. ignored B. hatedC. cleaned D. missed

21. A. come up withB. face up to C. look forward to D. step away from

22. A. beginB. check C. like D. find

23. A. gratefullyB. firmly C. bravely D. wonderfully

24. A. strangely B. innocently C. painfully D. sympathetically

25. A. terrible B. excellentC. importantD. dangerous

26. A. loss B. failure C. fear D. regret

27. A. friendshipB. devotionC. kindness D. justice


Cultural difference occur wherever you go. When visiting another country you should be aware of those differences and 28 them. Here are some29on how to fit in.

Every traveler to a foreign country feels 30 at some point. What you do can make locals laugh. Your best defense is a sense of31 . If you can laugh off eating with the wrong hand in India, locals will warm to you as "that crazy foreigner."

Wearing proper clothes is important too . 32locals will judge you by what you wear. In some Middle Eastern countries, exposing your flesh is 33 , especially if you are a woman . So leave your torn jeans at home.

Also be cautious about expressing34. Getting angry in Southeast Asia just makes you look silly. In some countries it is35 to kiss in public.

28. A. rejectB. reciteC. respect D. remove.

29. A. plans B. tipsC. arguments D. choices

30. A. unsafeB. excited C. satisfied D. awkward

3l. A. relief B. belonging C. humor D. direction

32. A. butB. D. or

33. A. forbidden B. allowedC. expected D. tolerated

34. A. emotionsB. concern C. interest D. views

35. A. naturalB. advisable C. unwise D. unnecessary




I was never very neat, while my roommate Kate was extremely organized. Each of her objects had its place, but mine always hid somewhere. She even labeled (贴标签 ) everything. I always. looked for everything. Over time, Kate got nearer and I got messier. She would push my dirty clothing over, and I would lay my books on her tidy desk. We both got tired of each other.

War broke out one evening. Kate came into the room. ,Soon, I heard her screaming, "Take your shoes away! Why under my bed!" Deafened, I saw my shoes flying at me. I jumped to my feet and started yelling. She yelled back louder.

The room was filled with anger. We could not have stayed together for a single minute but for a phone call. Kate answered it. From her end of the conversation, I could tell right away her grandma was seriously ill. When she hung up, she quickly crawled (爬 ) under her covers, sobbing.

Obviously, that was something she should not go through phone. All of a sudden ,a warm feeling of sympathy rose up in my heart,

Slowly, I collected the pencils, took back the books, made my bed, cleaned the socks and swept the floor, even on her side. I got so into my work that I even didn't noticed Kate had sat up.

She was watching, her tears dried and her expression one of disbelief. Then, she reached out her hands to grasp mine. I looked up into her eyes. She smiled at me. "Thanks."

Kate a


nd I stayed roommates for the rest of the year. We didn't always agree, but we learnedthe key to living together: giving in. cleaning up and holding on.

36. What made Kate angry one evening?

A. She couldn't find her books.

B. She heard the author shouting loud.

C, She got the news that her grandma was ill.

D. She saw the author's shoes beneath her bed.

37. The author tidied up the room most probably because___.

A. she was scared by Kate's anger

B. she hated herself for being so messy

C. she wanted to show her care

D. she was asked by Kate to do so

38. How is Paragraph I mainly developed?

A. By analyzing causes.

B. By showing differences.

C. By describing a process.

D. By following time order.

39. What might be the best title for the story?

A. My Friend Kate

B. Hard Work Pays Off

C. How to Be Organized

D. Learning to Be Roommates


There have always been a lot of commonly believed but false ideas about being fat and doing exercise. Some people believe that they can't help putting an weight as they get older, while others hold that if they stop exercising, their muscles will turn into fat. Here are some more myths I’ll never lose weight--I come from a fat family

Wrong! While we can't change the body type we are born with, we can't blame our genes for making us fat. There's plenty of evidence that fatness runs in families, and the main reason is that they share the same habit of eating too much and exercise too little.

I am fat because I burn calories slowly

Wrong! Fatness is not caused by a slow metabolism(新陈代谢). In fact, although fat people

consume more energy than slim people, they also fail to realize how much they eat] Keeping a diary can help you work out your daily food intake mom accurately.

Exercise is boring

Wrong! Anything will become boring if you do it repetitively. The key is to develop a balanced and varied program that's fun as well as progressive. If you enjoy a Sunday walk, take a different mute. If you do yoga, try a tai chi class. If you like swiping, set yourself a distance or time challenge. No pain, no gain

Wrong! Exercise is not meant to hurt. Indeed, pain is you body telling you something's wrong, and continuing to exercise could lead to serious injury. You may experience mild discomfort as you begin to exercise regularly, but this is your body adapting to the positive changes in your lifestyle and the aches should disappear relatively quickly. If they don't, rest and seek medical advice.

40. What does the author think about being fat?

A. It is the family genes that make people fat.

B. People are fat because they consume too little energy.

C. A diary of exercise can prevent people from becoming fat.

D. It is the consequence of people's unbalanced lifestyle.

41. According to the author, how can we make exercise mom interesting?

A. By taking varied exercise.

B. By choosing simple exercise.

C. By doing regular exercise.

D. By sticking to outdoor exercise.

42. What is the author's opinion about "No pain, no gain" in exercising?

A. Keeping lit is essentially a painful experience.

B. Exercise should be stopped if continuous pain is felt.

C. Pain in exercise is a precondition for reaching your goal.

D. Getting used to pain leads to positive changes in your body.

43. What is the purpose of the passage?

A. To declare the importance of keeping lit.

B. To clarify some misconceptions about fatness and exercise.

C. To confirm what has long been believed about keeping fit.

D. To explain some medical facts about being fat and doing exercise.


The idea of being able to walk on water has long interested humans greatly. Sadly, biological facts prevent us ever accomplishing such a thing without artificial aid--we simply weigh too much, and all our mm pushes down through our relatively small feet, resulting in a lot of pressure that makes us sink.

However, several types of animals can walk on water. One of the most interesting is the common basilisk Basilicus basilicus, a lizard (蜥蜴) native to Central and South America. It can run across water for a distance of several meters, avoiding getting wet by rapidly hitting the water's surface with its feet. The lizard will take as many as 20 steps per second to keep moving forward. For humans to do this, we'd need huge feet that we could bring up to our ears in order to create adequate "hitting. “

But fortunately there is an alternative: cornflour. By adding enough of this common thickening agent to water (and it does take a lot), you can create a "non-Newtonian" liquid that

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